1146 Budapest, Dózsa György str 1.

The BOK Hall is one of the largest event centers of the country, where more than 120 events await visitors every year. A lot of local and world-famous musicians have visited the vast halls. In addition to concerts, BOK also gives place to professional exhibitions and sporting events. BOK hall is an imposing, air-conditioned, multifunctional building made of light metal suitable for: - sport events and competitions - events (3000-3500 m˛) - concerts and cultural events (3000-6000 person) - business seminars, conferences - receptions, corporate programs, dinners.

The BOK Sports Hall was built after the destruction of the Budapest Sports Hall in 1999. "A" and "C" events halls were built in 2006. BOK Sports Hall is a sports facility in Budapest, Hungary. BOK has 3 halls: Hall 'A' is 8000 m², Hall 'B' is 5200 m², Hall 'C' is 2800 m².

Hall 'A' has a maximum capacity of 10,000 people. Concerts usually accommodate a crowd of 6,000.

The BOK Event Hall has been the venue of a lot of former tennis tournaments, including Fed Cups, Hungarian Championships, ATP Challenger Tour events, Hungarian Kickboxing World Cup etc.